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Do you have enough logical reasoning? Do you have enough wit?
To escape You must also be able to cooperate!
Does this sound too easy?

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Pakopeli the escape game – Experience something new!

Pakopeli the escape game is recreation entertainment at its best

Your team gets gets 60 minutes to clear your given mission and escape out of a locked room. Escaping will be succesful by solving various riddles and immersive puzzles together as a team. Physical skills are not needed to solve the tasks at hand. The room incorporates a theme which the puzzles will reflect.

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In case the concept of a escape game is new to you or you want to know more about the description of our specific room, we will be happy to answer your questions. Open time slots are easy to find, just gather up a team of your friends and make a game reservation here online

Finding your way to our gaming facilities is easy, since we are located near the center of Turku. Welcome to our game and have fun playing!

Kello käy - ole varmis haasteeseen!Time is ticking – be ready for the challenge!