Turun Pakopeli OY is located in Turku.

Our facilities are located on the street level at the address of Aninkaistenkatu 5, so we are easy to reach either by walking, cycling, public transport and busses or by your own car. Nearby are some parking spaces, but they are public parking spaces so they are free of charge only on certain hours depending on the day in question.

Make a game reservation easily from our website. You can also contact us, ask for additional information or ask us for a quote to fit your company's needs. Welcome to play and enjoy the game!

Turun Pakopeli Oy
Aninkaistenkatu 5,
20100 Turku
Tel. 040 502 7702
Email: toimisto(at)escapegame.fi

Anna Salmi
Tel. 040 560 4107
Email: anna.salmi(at)escapegame.fi