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Gather up your friends to form a team and check out our website for open game slots and make a game reservation. Our game requires a team of at least 2 persons and a maximum of 6. 3-5 people are optimal for the game and are our recommended numbers to form a team. Please take a look at our guidelines and frequently asked questions.

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Our games:

Midnight job

2-6 players or 7-9 players

A rich lord lives in his secluded mansion which encloses a hoard of riches among others his famous collection of cars. After careful scouting and planning your band of burglars break into his mansion to grab the loot of a lifetime. But something goes awry, the door behind you locks down, the alarm goes off and the law enforcement forces are set en route to your location. Can you get out the mansion before the police arrives? And can you do so while getting your mark and loot?

For all this you have 60 minutes before the police arrive to arrest you. Make a game reservation »

Radio Kasenberg presents:

Night's last hour

4-6 players

You have been invited to a charity gala. All of a sudden you wake up in a gloomy dungeon and hear from the radio that a dangerous serial killer is hiding in town. You realise he has kidnapped you and is going to execute you at midnight in a live stream. And you have one hour to escape. Will you make it alive? Can you gather any information about the murderer so that he can be arrested by the police? Make a game reservation »

The Panic Room of the Wezelius

2 players

You are in the mansion of Wezelius interviewing Mr. Wezelius about his new groungbreaking invention. Suddenly a few intruder interrupts your interview by breaking in the mansion. Unlike Mr. Wezelius you manage to get in the panic room. You have one hour to call help by sending a mayday and save Mr. Wezelius and yourselves. Make a game reservation »


Number of playersprice fri-sunprice mon-thu
6-920 € / player18 € / player
4-525 € / player23 € / player
330 € / player28 € / player
240 € / player38 € / player
The Panic Room
of the Wezelius
65€(2 players)


We offer discounted prices on monday-thursday exluding holidays.

  • From monday-thursday all prices are -2€ per person.

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