To this page we have collected together answers to some frequently asked questions. Please take a look at our guidelines and instructions beforehand so you will have a greater chance of success. And please remember that relaxed and calm attitude and a open mind are the best tools in your kit to have along. Good luck in the game!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

About arrivals and cancellations

Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of your game.

Our facilities are located on the street level at the address of Aninkaistenkatu 5, so we are easy to reach either by walking, cycling, public transport and busses or by your own car. Nearby are some parking spaces, but they are public parking spaces so they are free of charge only on certain hours depending on the day in question.

Possible cancellations must be done at least 24 hours in advance otherwise a cancellation fee of 40€ is collected by us.

Playing the game

You have 60 minutes time to finish your given mission and escape the room. Time is of the essence so it's essential that you maximize your use of time to get the best result.

Body strength or physical efforts are not needed in the game. The problems you face can all be solved by logical reasoning, ingenuity and team work. If you feel like your team is stuck with a puzzle you may ask for a tip to help you solve the puzzle. And in case of emergency one is of course able to instantly get out of the room – it's only a game after all.

Team size

An adequately sized team improves your chances of success in the game. Thereby we recommend a group of 3-5 people to form a team. In case your team has more people the communication will be more challenging. Then again if you have fewer members you cannot focus on as many tasks at the same time than you could with a larger group.

A task for every team member

Before the game it is a good idea to discuss about the strengths of each individual and then decide who focuses on which task. For example one can focus on finding clues, one can specialize in certain type of puzzles, one can direct the team effort while another person writes down the needed notes.

In a room escape game it is possible to focus on multiple tasks and puzzles at once. Therefore it is beneficial if your team can multitask and focus each persons efforts to tasks suiting them.


One key element to success is your teams communication. Whenever you find something useful like a clue, puzzle or lock; it is crucial to let others know of your findings. Perhaps you could even tell them your initial idea of how to solve the found puzzle. That is because even if you yourself don’t see the importance of the clue or the solution it provides, someone else on your team might figure it out. Also it helps out to write down to a sheet of paper everything that has been found so that you don’t have to depend solely on your memory.

Investigate thoroughly

It is beneficial to be very thorough while searching for clues and also to double check everything. While in hurry it is only human to make slips even in simpler tasks so remember to double check. Even better if another team mate does the checking as well because it is hard to notice what you have missed yourself. Different people also spot some things better than others so you can use it as an advantage.


Even as the clock is ticking and the pressure is rising it helps to stay calm and patient and to solve the puzzles in your own time. You might actually end up saving more time in being calm than you might do by hurrying and letting the panic get the best of you.

Stay humble

In case the game progress comes to a halt it is ok and advisable to ask for a hint. The hint mechanism is there to make your game experience as fluid and enjoyable as possible and is by no means demeaning or something you only remember to use in the very end. Most teams need a few hints to help them along the way. As your team gets more experience under their belt you need less hints in your games.

Be sharp

Being under the influence or being ill or overexhausted hampers your gaming experience. You need your wits with you to enjoy puzzle solving and that guarantees the best experience – take our word for it!

What to wear

Comfortable clothing are the best for the task. You can look as dapper or casual as you want but remember that being able to move fluently is a plus.

Having team spirit and an open mind are your best assets in the game! Good luck in the game and fun!