What is a room escape game?

A real life room escape game offers new kinds of sensations and experiences. You can exceed yourself and find new previously undiscovered talents you didn't know you or your close friends had in them. Our games are adventurous, relaxing and supportive. So join in on the fun!

Your team gets 60 minutes to clear your given mission and escape out of a locked room. Escaping will be successful by solving various riddles and immersive puzzles together as a team. Physical skills are not needed to solve the tasks at hand. The room incorporates a theme which the puzzles will reflect.

Co-operation and ingenuity will be the key to success

Room escape games require TEAM WORK, communication skills, creativity and puzzle solving to be successful .

Solving puzzles together as a team is a lot easier than by yourself. Two heads are better than one and the more the merrier - so together as a team you might be more perceptive than a single pair of eyes.

Make a game reservation and experience an adventure

We offer discounted prices on monday-thursday exluding holidays. And we also offer discounts for students. So check up our price rates and make a game reservation!